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Re-instating Cathay-raht phallic barb ref, though adjusting to specify that it is a male attribute specifically.
Khajiit of this furstock were nicknamed as "jaguar-men" by the [[Lore:Imperial Geographical Society|Imperial Geographical Society]].{{ref|name=PGE1E}} Despite this, they can have a wide range of patterns that don't resemble jaguars.{{ref|name=RDKMW}} They are said to be more agile than a [[Lore:Lycanthropy|werewolf]].{{ref|name=ADIF|{{Cite Book|A Dance in Fire}}}}The Males also possess phallic barbs.{{ref|name=TRBP3|{{Cite Book|The Real Barenziah, Part III}}}}{{ref|group=UOL|name=DGFP}}
File:ON-npc-Zamarak.jpg|A Cathay-raht (ESO)
The Suthay-raht are sometimes, incomprehensibly for Khajiit themselves, nicknamed "ja'khajiit".{{ref|group=UOL|name=IWTB}} They are similar in height and build to the races of man, but like Suthay, they have digitigrade legs. They are completely covered in fur of different colours and patterns and have a tail. Claws are present on hands and feet, and their heads appear very cat-like.{{ref|name=MWKhajiit|[[Morrowind:Khajiit|Visual appearance in TES III: Morowind]]}} Suthay-raht are known to be good jumpers, agile, sneaky and having a bold spirit. This makes them good adventurers and traders. They are however not as good warriors as Cathay-raht.{{ref|name=KhajiitDialogueMW|Random dialogue on topic ''Khajiit'' in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|TES III: Morrowind]]}} Suthay-raht are able to purr and hiss.{{ref|name=KhajiitVoicedMW|Voiced khajiit lines in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|TES III: Morrowind]]}} TheyThe males also have slight phallic barbs.{{ref|group=UOL|name=DGFP}} The Suthay-raht furstock was the most common in [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]]{{ref|name=RDKMW}}{{ref|group=UOL|name=IWTB}}, specifically on [[Lore:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]], towards the end of the [[Lore:Third Era|Third Era]].{{ref|name=KhajiitDialogueMW}}
File:RG-npc-S'rathra.gif|A Suthay-raht (Redguard)
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