Oblivion:Sideways Cave

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**''"Fourth Star Hour (time?) Terror-of-the-Most-Terror of Meridia come (came?)."''
**''"Meridia-child, Earth root power, sea wave like (earth like a flood?). People-out (escape? present tense? imperative?)."''
* A half-collapsed shrine to Meridia can be found in the Ayleid Ruins, suggesting that the original inhabitants of Abagarlas may have been Meridia worshippers.
*The [[Books:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Official Game Guide|official Prima guide]] lists Sideways Cave in its Freeform Quests section as one of the more interesting dungeons and has this to say about the tablets: "''Can you put it all together? The big picture is that, long ago, Ayleid settlers stumbled onto this grotto. They made it their own--in the end, too much their own. In doing so, they uncovered a forgotten shrine to the Daedra lord Meridia. Meridia's vengeance for this violation was swift: She crushed {{sic|Abargarlas|Abagarlas}} with her stone roots and, incensed that some survivors escaped, buried the grotto almost entirely.''"
* This cave contains 3 [[Oblivion:Cairn Bolete Cap|Cairn Bolete]] plants and 19 [[Oblivion:Wisp Stalk Caps|Wisp Stalk]] plants.
* "Abagarlas" translates as "Forbidden Cavern" in [[Lore:Ayleidoon|Ayleidoon]].
* Abagarlas also [[ON:Abagarlas|appears]] in ''[[ESO:ESO|ESO]]''.
== Zone 2: ''{{Anchor|Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake}}'' ==
[[File:OB-Map-SidewaysCaveNew02.jpg|thumb|right|270px|Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake]] [[File:OB-misc-Hidden Lake, Meridia's Shrine.jpg|thumb|right|Meridia's shrine]] [[File:OB-interior-Abagarlas Entrance.jpg|thumb|right|Abagarlas entrance]]
While the previous section is unremarkable, ''Hidden Lake'' opens up into a fairly linear narrow chasm filled with shallow water. Broken boats and remnants of an Ayleid ruin litter the flooded chasm. The chasm soon becomes less narrow as it opens up into a large roomcavern with Ayleid arches and more ruins. On a large stone ring on the southern wall of the chasmcavern is a cask and two skeletons (one of them underwater). Another cask lies in the middle of the chasmcavern and another in the far westernnorthwestern corner of the roomcavern (mostly hidden by water; an Ayleid tablet lies a short way from the cask). Near this cask is a rock -covered statue of Meridia. The plateaus above are not meant to be reached and contain nothing of interest, but it is possible to get up there by way of a long root near the southwestern door to ''[[#Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas|Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas]]'' (though high acrobatics might be necessary). A door leading from ''Lost Abagarlas'' is on a ledge overlooking the middle section of the chasm.
== Zone 3: ''{{Anchor|Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas}}'' ==
[[File:OB-Map-SidewaysCaveNew03.jpg|thumb|right|274px|Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas]] [[File:OB-interior-Abagarlas.jpg|thumb|right|Lost Abagarlas]]
The southwestern door from ''Hidden Lake'' opens up tointo a partly destroyed corridor, where a second Ayleid tablet lies on the ground near a skeleton. The corridor then splits into two. The room to the south holds a few potions, but a cave-in trap prevents one with littlelow Acrobatics from going up the stairs. The room to the north holds enemies and goes on downstairs to a pathway destroyed by roots. The pathway goes on, with stairs going up to a room which continues to the room with the cave-in trap. The last corridor, guarded by gates that open as you come closeapproach, leads to the last room, where a few casks, another Ayleid tablet, and a [[Oblivion:Dead Scholar|dead scholar]] can be found. A doorshort incorridor at the back of the room goesleads to a door which takes you back to a ledge in ''Hidden Lake''.