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Other theories speak of them being descendants of Aldmeri settlers, proved by the visual similarity of [[Lore:Ohmes|Ohmes]] and [[Lore:Ohmes-raht|Ohmes-raht]] to Men and Mer, especially [[Lore:Bosmer|Bosmer]].{{ref|group=UOL|name=IWTB|{{TIL|Interview With Three Booksellers|booksellers}} — ''Douglas Goodall, [[General:Todd Howard|Todd Howard]] and [[General:Ken Rolston|Ken Rolston]]''}}{{ref|name=PGE1E|{{Cite Book|PGE|1|The Elsweyr Confederacy}}}}{{ref|name=VOFTK|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit}}}} The Khajiiti creation myth suggests the Bosmer and Khajiit to have common ancestors; [[Lore:Azurah|Azurah]] having taken the forest people that were torn between the shape of beast and man and given them the [[Lore:Khajiit#Morphology|many shapes]] of the Khajiit. But with [[Lore:Y'ffre|Y'ffre]] telling [[Lore:Nirni|Nirni]] of Azurah's doings and shaping the remaining forest people into the Bosmer, this link was cut.{{ref|name=WOCMA}}
The following history and culture of the Khajiit is very closely connected to their homeland.
:''→ See the main article: '''[[Lore:Elsweyr#History|History of Elsweyr]]'''''
The Khajiiti pantheon encompasses myriad [[Lore:Aedra|Aedric]] and [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedric]] gods,{{ref|name=CHAYQ|{{Cite Book|Chamberlain Haskill Answers Your Questions}}}} which are recognized as spirits,{{ref|name=ESOSB|[[Online:Antiquity Furnishings#Shrine of Boethra|Shrine of Boethra]] furnishing codex from [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} a fraction of which are detailed below. Various gods rose and fell out of prominence over the eras due to events and cultural changes. Indeed, after the unification of Anequina and Pellitine into one kingdom, and the event known as the Riddle'Thar Epiphany, the Riddle'Thar cult would rise and scrub many of these spirits from the Khajiit pantheon,{{ref|name=ESOSB}} and those that refused to follow the new edicts of the Ephiphany faced persecution.{{ref|name=ESOClawStrike|[[Online:Claw's Strike|Claw's Strike]] Loading Screen Text}}
Prior to the Riddle'Thar replacing the ancient theology of the Khajiit, [[Lore:Spirits of Amun-dro|ancient texts]] were written by Amun-dro, the Silent Priest, who categorized the spirits as Sky, Worldly, Wandering, or Adversarial Spirits. Some that hold the modern religious beliefs of the Riddle'Thar consider these writings a blasphemy due to their deference and respect for darker spirits, such as suggesting Azurah walked the realm of Hermorah as a friend. Additionally, they were considered dangerous due to the fact that they were created during the time that Khajiit held scattered beliefs, with sixteen different faiths competing against each other, that "tumbled and scratched their way through history, competing for the souls of all Khajiit." ItHowever, hasthis howeverdid not stoppedstop Khajiit from seeking out the knowledge of thesethe ancient beliefs that had been displaced.{{ref|name=ESOESA|{{Cite Book|Epistle on the Spirits of Amun-dro}}}} Some believe that when Riddle'Thar guided Khajiit along his so called one true path of the moons, he hid Khajiit from other viable paths.{{ref|[[Online:Moongrave Fane|Moongrave Fane]] loading screen description in [[Online:Elsweyr|ESO: Elsweyr]]}}
Among the Khajiiti Pantheon are the two litter-mates, [[Lore:Ahnurr|Ahnurr]] and [[Lore:Fadomai|Fadomai]], which the Khajiit believe life originated from.{{ref|name=WOCMA}} For more information, on the Khajiit origin and pantheon, please
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