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::'''What sort of rituals?'''
::''"Too many, if you want to know the truth! Still, it's important for the Bosmer to see the Silvenar and Green Lady married. It keeps us stable.<br>I'm proud of my heritage, and have renounced my worldly obligations in order to become the Green Lady."''
[[File:ON-quest-The Drublog of Dra'bul.jpg|thumb|right|The Green Lady in a standoff outside Dra'bul]]
Arrive in Dra'bul and you'll find her waiting outside the Orc encampment. If you completed ''[[Online:The Hound's Men|The Hound's Men]]'', she'll greet you with:
:''"Seems I've a lot to thank you for. I didn't expect you to go off and save my [[Online:Lanwaen|sister]] while I was away.<br>Glad you made it here in one piece."''
:''"Scout Anglith, chief of the Silvenar's hunters, should know.<br>Considering how much you've helped us already, I can't think of anyone else who deserves the honor more than you."''
:'''I'll be back soon with the Handfast.'''
[[File:ON-misc-The Handfast.jpg|thumb|right|The Handfast]]
After the wedding ceremony, she'll tell you:
:''"The spinners will weave your actions into the story of the Bosmer. I'll see to that myself.<br>I'm the Green Lady. They'll listen."''
After returning from the plane of Lorkhaj, she'll comment, ''"May the end of your Path be marked by no sorrows, no sadnesses."''
After the ceremony to crown the new Mane is complete, she'll add, ''"I will admit, Hallowed. The words of the Moon-Bishop affected me deeply. But your victory here … the scent of your return to our living world. The dawn of a new day for our allies. It fills my heart with hope."''