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The [[Lore:Tamrilean Tractates|Tamrilean Tractates]] is an ancient and historic record written by an author named [[Lore:Khosey|Khosey]] in {{Year|1E 200}}.{{Ref|name=HToN|{{Cite Book|House Tharn of Nibenay}}}} It dates back to the early [[Lore:First Era|First Era]] and it provides early accounts of human history in [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]] and information regarding [[Lore:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]]'s geography and environment. <noinclude>
It was notably written in [[Lore:Ehlnofex Languages|Old Tamrielic]]. It is often referenced by scholars after many years of its creation, but the extent and the full content of the book are currently unknown. However, based on the scattered information regarding the Tamrilean Tractates, it mostly covers the information contemporary with the book, such as the [[Lore:Alessian Slave Rebellion|Alessian Slave Rebellion]], and the northern conquests of the [[Lore:First Empire of the Nords|First Empire of the Nords]]. The book is famously credited for providing a firsthand account of the early [[Lore:Breton|Breton]]s,{{Ref|name=PGE1E|{{Cite Book|Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/High Rock}}}} as well as miscellaneous information, such as early accounts of the [[Lore:Troll|Troll]]{{Ref|name=FGtRT|{{Cite Book|Field Guide to River Trolls}}}} and the jungles of Cyrodiil.{{Ref|name=SCAS|{{Cite Book|Subtropical Cyrodiil: A Speculation}}}}<noinclude>
==Known Entrees==
*The line, ''"dense-jungl'd shore of Rumare"'' is a reference to when Cyrodiil was a jungle, or at least around {{Lore Link|Lake Rumare}}.{{Ref|name=SCAS}}
*Mentions a {{Lore Link|Nede|Nedic}} slave overseer of {{Lore Link|Fanacas}} named ''"{{Lore Link|Tharanus Ye-Redde Hand}}."'' He was later revealed to be a distant relative of {{Lore Link|Tharn|House Tharn}}, a noble family of {{Lore Link|Cheydinhal}}.{{Ref|name=HToN}}
*While the {{Lore Link|DivinesImperial Cult|Church of the Eight}} claimclaimed that Alessia revealed to her subject the gods that had always watched over them, ancient records like the Tamrilean Tractates state otherwise.{{Ref|name=TAX|{{Cite Book|Tu'whacca, Arkay, Xarxes}}}}
*The line, "''ye Trohl of Rapace, thrice-orbed Enormity [that] Eateth ye Fleshe of [both] Commons and Kyngs,"'' is an account of the {{Lore Link|Troll}}.{{Ref|name=FGtRT}}