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* [[Arena:Arena|Arena]] features Ohmes as the playable Khajiit furstock.{{ref|group=UOL|name=DGFP}} Daggerfall's Khajiit match the lore description of the Ohmes-Raht furstock, as they share the exact characteristics.{{Ref|name=MKP|group=UOL|{{Cite Book|Michael Kirkbride's Posts|ns_base=General}}}} {{ref|group=UOL|name=IWTB}}
* [[MW:Morrowind|Morrowind]] features Suthay-raht as the playable Khajiit furstock.{{ref|name=RDKMW}} They were first seen in [[:Category:Redguard-Khajiit|Redguard]]
* [[Shadowkey:Shadowkey|Shadowkey]] lacks any NPC Khajiit. Khajiit are playable however, but lack a tail and digitigrade legs. An unused [[:File:SK-npc-Khajiit.jpg|Khajiit model]] with digitigrade legs exists in the files.