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Exploration: removing several - these aren't activities, just place objectives or achievements
* [[Online:Group Bosses|Hunting]]: Seek out and kill powerful monsters or other boss monsters.
* [[Online:Treasure Maps|Treasure Maps]]: Find hidden treasures with clues from maps.
* [[Online:Trophies|Collecting]]: Collect trophies from slain creatures.
* [[Online:Skyshards|Skyshards]]: Track down all the Skyshards hidden throughout Tamriel.
* [[Online:Striking Locales|Sightseeing]]: Visit all the striking locales in Tamriel.
* [[Online:Encounters|Encounters]]: Scripted wilderness events that take place across Tamriel.
* [[Online:World Events|World Events]]: Large-scale encounters which occur at fixed locations in many zones.