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Scripts provide a nice illustration of EditorId vs. FormId: If a script says something like "player.additem BearPelt01 1", then the compiled script will actually add item '000228E3' which is the formid corresponding to 'BearPelt01'. (In fact, you can write the script using the formid directly instead of the editorid.) In game, script commands will generally ''not'' accept EditorIds -- instead you must enter the formid itself.
===Reference vs. Base FormIdsFormIDs===
For objects placed into the game world there are two formidsFormIDs: the reference formidFormID or '''RefID''' (associated with that particular placed object), and the base formidFormID (theor formid'''BaseID''' that(used youfor seeall inversions theof Objectthat Window in CS4. In-game, when you console-click on a placedsam object, the formid that you will see is the ''reference'' formid, not the base formid).
The BaseID provides the information that is common to all instances of that object. For example, every copy of the book ''[[Oblivion:On Oblivion|On Oblivion]]'' has the same BaseID (<code>0002457E</code>); that BaseID record contains information such as the weight, value, appearance, and text of the book. The specific type of record used for the BaseID depends upon the type of item. For example [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/BOOK|BOOK]], [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/WEAP|WEAP]], [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/NPC_|NPC_]], and [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/CREA|CREA]] are all records used exclusively for BaseIDs. In the Construction Set, all of the FormIDs listed in the "Object Window" are BaseIDs. Most FormIDs provided on this site are BaseIDs.
The RefID provides access to information such as the object's location. There are only three types of records used for RefIDs; the specific type of record depends upon the object:
* For NPCs, a [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/ACHR|ACHR]] record is used.
* For creatures, a [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/ACRE|ACRE]] record is used.
* For all items, a [[Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/REFR|REFR]] record is used.
In game, when you console-click on a placed object, the FormID that you will see is the RefID, not the BaseID. In the CS, when you look at objects in the "Cell View", the IDs are all RefIDs; if you edit the object, the BaseID is provided under "Base Object" (and "Edit Base" allows you to edit it). When RefIDs are provided on this site, they are explicitly identified as RefIDs.
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