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{{Trail|Interviews}}[[File:GEN-misc-Elsweyr & Update 22 AUA.jpg|thumb{{AMA|Proofplural=1}}{{Real photo]]Summary
|title=Welcome to the Elsweyr & Update 22 AUA
''On June 3, 2019, the following [ Ask Us Anything] took place at the r/elderscrollsonline subreddit. This page collects all comments with responses from a ZOS team member in chronological order, cutting each thread off at the last reply by one of them.''
|image=GEN-misc-Elsweyr & Update 22 AUA.jpg
|date=June 3, 2019
|interviewee=Brian Wheeler (ZOS_BrianWheeler)<br>Gina Bruno (ZOS_GinaBruno)<br>[[General:Leamon Tuttle|Leamon Tuttle]] (ZOS_LeamonTuttle)<br>[[General:Matt Firor|Matt Firor]] (ZOS_MattF)<br>Rich Lambert (ZOS_RichLambert)
|interviewer=[ r/elderscrollsonline]
Posted by '''u/ZOS_GinaBruno''':<br>
EDIT: It's now 3pm, and we're going to wrap up. Thank you to everyone who came out today! We'll continuing answering a few more questions later today as time allows, but for now, off to more meetings and creating awesome things. Elsweyr hype!
I'm {{Future Link|Gina Bruno|Gina}}, one of the Community Managers for ESO. Joining me today for this AUA are:
*[[General:Matt Firor{{InsLink|Matt Firor]]}}, Game Director
*{{Future LinkInsLink|Rich Lambert|future=1}}, Creative Director
*{{Future LinkInsLink|Brian Wheeler|future=1}}, Lead Combat & PvP Designer
*{{Future LinkInsLink|Leamon Tuttle}}, Loremaster
We'll be here answering your questions until 3:00pm EDT. Go ahead and post your questions now if you have them - we'll start answering shortly.