Skyrim:Creation Club

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* Purchasing a Creation will play the "Level Increase for a skill" sound effect.
* As of 2020, the cheapest way to acquire the entire CC collection is to get the following bundles: Divine Crusader and Chrysamere, Survival, Community Creator 2, Dwarven, Mad God, and Crossbow, while the remaining creations are acquired separately. This represents a total of 15750 credits (7700 on bundles, 8050 on individual creations), saving 2100 credits compared to buying every creation individually (or 2000 credits saved if skipping Rare Curios which is offered with Saints & Seducers).
** Shadowrend is included in five different bundles, Ruin's Edge and Staff of Sheogorath are included in four different bundles, Adventurer's Backpack, Chrysamere and Divine Crusader are included in three different bundles. These duplications are why it is more interestingbetter to take the Divine Crusader and Chrysamere bundle instead of Weapon Rack or the first Community Creator bundle in the above point.