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'''Mute Screaming Maw''' is an ingredient that can be harvested from Mute Screaming Maw plants. The ingredient is also a quest item that is needed to complete the quest [[Shivering:The_Museum_of_Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]].
Mute Screaming Maw has all the same alchemical properties as standard [[Shivering:Screaming Maw|Screaming Maw]]. Therefore, the two can be combined to easily create multiple effect potions.
There are three Mute Screaming Maw plants. Although from a distance the plants appear similar to standard Screaming Maw plants, the plant name is different.
* In [[Shivering:Corpserot_Passage|Corpserot Prison]], there is a swampy hallway on the far west side with two Screaming Maw plants. One of them will give it to you.
* In [[Shivering:Cann|Cann, Arena]] take a right coming from the Halls of Tranquility and go through the passage until you come to an alcove-like room, there is a group, it is at the back of the group.
* In [[Shivering:Dunroot Burrow|Dunroot Burrow, Bramble Halls]]
* There are two versions of this ingredient: the variant with id=00081EA5 only occurs when the player hands over a plant as part of the Museum of Oddities quest. It has a script that changes it to the first variety when picked up thus it can only be acquired through use of the [[Oblivion:Console|Console]].
As well as being ingredients, '''Mute Screaming Maws''' are quest items for the quest [[Shivering:The_Museum_of_Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]].