Online:The Scavenging Maw

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|drops=[[ON:Poison Solvents|Poison Solvents]], {{ESO Quality Color|superior|Radiant Dungeon Set item}}
'''The Scavenging Maw''' is a large and powerful [[ON:Hunger|Hunger]] that serves as the first boss of the [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]. It is encountered in the storeroom of Fort Mistwatch's storeroom, feasting on anything and everything, particularlythe purified soldiers and adventurers.
During combat, it can summon regular hungers called [[ON:Mauler|MaulerMaulers]]s, or its [[ON:Scavenging Maw's Shade|own shade]] to strike targets. Periodically it will vanish, and a notice will appear on screen saying that is lurking and waiting to strike.