Online:The Scavenging Maw

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Skills and Abilities
==Skills and Abilities==
;Hunger Pangs:
;Hungry Splinters: Bleeding caused by shattered Hunting Proboscis
;Pang Strike: Melee attack, deals physical damage.
;Probing Tongue: When the Maw emerges from hiding it will attack the closest player, draining their health with its tongue. This must be interrupted to free them.
;Puncture Wound:
;Rake:Caused by shattered Hunting Proboscis. Players hit by this attack will bleed out unless they are healed and protected.
;Retch: The Maw spews bile in a cone-shaped radius in front of it, dealing poison damage over time to those who stand in range. It leaves moderately sized poison AoEs on the ground.
;Retched Bile: The round poison AoEs left in the wake of '''Retch'''. Deals poison damage over time to those who stand in it.
;Retched Bile:
;Slash: The boss deals physical damage with its claws.