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Corrected "rat-like" into "rat-shaped", skeevers aren't rodents.
{{Trail|Creatures|Animals}}[[Category:Skyrim-Creatures-All]][[Category:Skyrim-Creatures-Animals-Skeever]][[Category:Skyrim-Souls-Petty]] [[File:SR-creature-Skeever.jpg|thumb|right|A Skeever]]
'''Skeevers''' are small, aggressive, rat-like shaped animals that attack on sight. They may be encountered in dark areas, such as [[Skyrim:Caves|caves]] or [[Skyrim:Dungeons|dungeons]], as well as in the wilderness of Skyrim. They are generally considered to be the weakest enemy in the game, although they often carry the disease [[Skyrim:Ataxia|Ataxia]], which lowers your [[Skyrim:Lockpicking|Lockpicking]] and [[Skyrim:Pickpocket|Pickpocket]] skills. Skeever corpses may be looted for [[Skyrim:Skeever Tail|skeever tails]] to be used as ingredients in alchemy. Dead skeevers found roasting over fires yield [[Skyrim:Charred_Skeever_Hide|charred skeever hide]], but it is not possible to roast a skeever yourself.
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