Online:Wayfarer's Wharf

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}} From here, it is possible to take a ship back to [[Online:Wayrest|Wayrest]] in [[Online:Stormhaven|Stormhaven]]. [[Online:Fahima|Fahima]]'s general goods store is located south of the wharf, near the gate back in to the city proper. A chest can spawn behind her tent. There is a stable across from the store. One [[Online:Camel|camel]], two [[Online:Horse|horses]], nine [[Online:Goat|goats]] and four chickens reside here.
There are many [[Online:Ra-Netu|Ra-Netu]] along the coast west of the wharf, between the wharf and the [[Online:Sentinel Docks|Sentinel Docks]]. There is a tunnel there, which leads into Sentinel, and ends up at [[Online:The Forebear's Forge|The Forebear's Forge]]. ''[[ON:The Spearhead|The Spearhead]]'' is docked to the north of the wharf. A chest can spawn on the western end of the galleon.