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==Undaunted Celebration 2020==
The 2020 Undaunted Celebration event is [ currently scheduled] to run from '''November 25''' until '''December 12, 2020'''. The [ patch notes] describe it as follows:
Are you Undaunted? Help test the Undaunted Celebration and defeat challenging dungeons for bonus rewards! The first final dungeon boss you defeat in a day will drop 3 Event Tickets and a special Glorious Undaunted Reward Box.
*This box contains an assortment of valuable goods, motif pages, and a guaranteed chance for one of the new style pages for this event’s Opal weapons, themed for specific bosses in Direfrost Keep, the Imperial City Prison, Elden Hollow II, or Spindleclutch.
*Defeating those bosses on Veteran Hard Mode has a chance to drop the Opal shoulder style page for those bosses as well!
*Subsequent dungeons you complete will continue to award slightly-less-valuable Undaunted Reward Boxes, which still have a chance to drop those weapon style pages.
*The Impresario offers the style pages for the Opal equipment for 5 tickets each, as well as the first three berries from the [[ON:Crimson Indrik|Crimson Indrik]].
==Undaunted Celebration 2019==