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Additionally, the Morrowind DLC is available in the [[ON:Crown Store|Crown Store]] at a discount.
==Tribunal Celebration 2020==
"The Tribunal Celebration is a celebration of the Tribunal: Sotha Sil, Vivec, and Almalexia. During this event, you can earn the following rewards by participating in various activities in Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City.\n\n• Double rewards for defeating World Boss and Delve Boss enemies\n• Double yield from harvesting nodes in either area\n• Double rewards for completing Delve, World Boss, and Ashlander daily quests\n\nKilling bosses in these zones, including those found inside Halls of Fabrication and Asylum Sanctorum, additionally has a chance to reward you with style pages for the new Doctrine Ordinator style.\n\nReward Boxes\nCompleting your first daily quest in Vvardenfell or Clockwork City will award a Glorious Tribunal Coffer, which contains valuable rewards, including a chance to obtain exclusive rewards such as the new Slag Town Diver skin, a Microtized Verminous Fabricant Pet, and a Thetys Ramarys's Bait Kit memento.\n\nAdditionally, you can find rare Tribunal Coffers by participating in activities within Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City. These coffers have a reduced chance of providing these rewards."
| |alJoin your fellow adventurers and explore Morrowind and Clockwork City in the Tribunal Celebration. \n\n• Earn reward boxes by completing daily quests in Vvardenfell and Clockwork City\n\n• The first daily quest in each zone rewards an Event Ticket\n\n• Earn extra rewards from zone activities
"Event Tickets\nDuring the Tribunal Celebration, you can earn one Event Ticket every 24 hours per account as a reward for the first daily quest you complete in both Vvardenfell and Clockwork City, for a total of two per day. You can trade these tickets for special items at the Event Merchant (The Impresario)."
* Glorious Tribunal Coffer
* Tribunal Coffer
* |c000000|cffd700EVENT:|r Tribunal Celebration
* Event Tracker - Tribunal Celebration
==Morrowind Celebration 2019==
During the event, the DLC and [[Online:DLC#Morrowind_Collector.27s_Pack|Morrowind Collector’s Pack Bundle]] were discounted at 50% in the Crown Store. The [[ON:Hearthfire Kagouti|Hearthfire Kagouti]] mount and [[ON:Hearthfire Hatchling|Hearthfire Hatchling]] both returned to the Store during this event and were on sale for [[ON:ESO Plus|ESO Plus]] subscribers.
[[File:ON-event-Clockwork City Celebration Event.jpg|thumb|right|Clockwork City Celebration]]
The '''Clockwork City Celebration Event''' is a [[ON:Events|holiday event]] which celebrates the release of the [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|Clockwork City]] DLC. The main feature of this event is numerous drops within the [[Online:Clockwork City|Clockwork City]] Zone are doubled, including: Trial Bosses, Daily Delve and World Boss quest rewards and Resource Nodes. The DLC and Collector's Edition can be found in the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]] at a discount.
==Clockwork City Celebration 2018==
[[File:ON-event-Clockwork City Celebration Event 2018.jpg|thumb|right|Clockwork City Celebration 2018]]
The first time the event appeared, it ran from '''November 15''' to '''November 26, 2018'''. Two [[Online:Event Tickets|Event Tickets]] per account per day dropped from Group Boss daily quests in Clockwork City, with a total of 24 Event Tickets were available by the end of the event. The Clockwork City DLC was also on sale in the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]], alongside a temporary free trial of ESO Plus to access the DLC completely for free.
The event was the second opportunity for players to work towards obtaining the [[Online:Nascent Indrik|Nascent Indrik]] mount by purchasing event-specific Indrik feathers with Event Tickets. During this event, the Gilded Indrik Feather was available to buy from [[Online:The Impresario|The Impresario]].
==Morrowind Last Chance Event==
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