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[[File:ON-event-Clockwork City Celebration Event.jpg|thumb|right|Clockwork City Celebration]]
The '''Clockwork City Celebration Event''' is a [[ON:Events|holiday event]] which celebrates the release of the [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|Clockwork City]] DLC. The main feature of this event is numerous drops within the [[Online:Clockwork City|Clockwork City]] Zone are doubled, including: Trial Bosses, Daily Delve and World Boss quest rewards and Resource Nodes. The DLC and Collector's Edition can be found in the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]] at a discount.
==Clockwork City Celebration 2020==
==Clockwork City Celebration 2018==
[[File:ON-event-Clockwork City Celebration Event 2018.jpg|thumb|right|Clockwork City Celebration 2018]]
The first time the event appeared, it ran from '''November 15''' to '''November 26, 2018'''. Two [[Online:Event Tickets|Event Tickets]] per account per day dropped from Group Boss daily quests in Clockwork City, with a total of 24 Event Tickets were available by the end of the event. The Clockwork City DLC was also on sale in the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]], alongside a temporary free trial of ESO Plus to access the DLC completely for free.
The event was the second opportunity for players to work towards obtaining the [[Online:Nascent Indrik|Nascent Indrik]] mount by purchasing event-specific Indrik feathers with Event Tickets. During this event, the Gilded Indrik Feather was available to buy from [[Online:The Impresario|The Impresario]].
==External Links==
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