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<noinclude>{{Lore Bestiary Trail}}{{TOCright}}[[File:SR-npc-Master Vampire 02.jpg|thumb|left|Master Vampire (Skyrim)]]</noinclude>
A {{Lore Link|vampire}}, or '''vampyre''',{{ref|name=TFA|{{Cite Book|The_Four_Abominations}}}}, is a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, which consumes the blood of sleeping persons at night, thralls, and other victims. The vampires of {{Lore Link|Tamriel}} are undead, diseased persons who are hated, hunted, and misunderstood by the living.{{ref|name=VOTIB|{{Cite Book|Vampires of the Iliac Bay}}}} Whether they consider themselves cursed or blessed, or whether they have given into their animalistic instincts or have sought to rid the world of the disease, vampires are nonetheless considered abominations.{{ref|name=VOTIB}}{{ref|name=VOV|{{Cite Book|Vampires of Vvardenfell}}}} Though it's possible for a vampire to find a cure, knowledge of how to do so has been suppressed in many places due to the fear that it would encourage people to deliberately infect themselves. Imperial culture views vampires as destructive monsters to be hunted and destroyed. Romantic notions of noble, virtuous vampires persisted in Imperial traditions through the Third Era, and vampires were thought to pass unrecognized in the Mages Guild and the Imperial aristocracy.{{ref|name=GerV|Dialogue in [[Morrowind:Generic Dialogue V|Morrowind]]}}
Vampires are classified as the accursed undead, as their undead status arises from the curse of vampirism as opposed to a necromancer's manipulation of the buried dead.{{ref|name=UL|{{Cite Book|Unhallowed Legions}}}} While some vampires claim to have a heartbeat,{{ref|name=Melina|Enchanter hireling correspondence 144, written by [[ON:Melina Cassel|Melina Cassel]] in [[ESO:ESO|ESO]]}} others have claimed that their heartbeats ceased after contracting vampirism.{{ref|name=OgjoGR|{{Cite Book|Ongoing Journal of Galur Rithari}}}} While vampires' capabilities often include incredible speed, advanced mystical talent, and unnatural strength, their ability to spread the infection to others - a fate often described as worse than death - is among the most frightening.{{ref|name=VOTIB}} Distrust and chaos can potentially bring down entire settlements should just one vampire infiltrate the populace.{{ref|name=TOAC|{{Cite Book|Treatise on Ayleidic Cities}}}} It is a common misconception that vampires have an inherent weakness to garlic. Vampires have no such weakness.{{ref|name=VNTO|[[Ob:Vicente's Note to Ocheeva|Vicente's Note to Ocheeva]] in [[OB:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}}
File:SR-skill-Vampire Lord (Female).jpg|Female Vampire Lord (Dawnguard)
File:ON-npc-Lord Falgravn.jpg|Male Vampire Lord (ESO)
ON-npc-Lady Thorn.jpg|Female Vampire Lord (ESO)
File:LG-cardart-Night Talon Lord.png|A {{Card|Night Talon Lord|Vampire Lord}} ([[Legends:Legends|Legends]])
File:SR-creature-Bats 02.jpg|A Vampire Lord swathed in a swarm of bats (Dawnguard)