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:''"By the Moons, you have to help me! A monster attacked our farm. My father ran, but I do not know what became of him."''
:'''Your father is safe farther down the hill. I cleared the path. You should go to him.'''
:''"Thank goodness. <br>Have you seen my two sisters as well? We separated in our panic, and I fear for their safety."''
If she's the first sister you've rescued:
:'''I'm still looking for them.'''
:''"Then you must hurry. I will try to make my way back to father, now that you've cleared the path to him."''
:'''All right.'''
If you have found one, but not both other sisters, you can say:
:''"I'm happy to hear that, but I'm still worried about my remaining sister. Please, could you find her? Preferably before that monster does."''
:'''I will.'''
If you've found two of her sisters:
Just then, the dashing Razum-dar appears: