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'''Gwenyfe''' is a [[Online:Reachman|Reachman]] daily job broker who can be found in [[Online:Markarth|Markarth]].
==Quest-Related Events==
She greets you when you approach her. with one of the following:
:''"The Ard's Stonehands seek brave, skilled warriors. Does that describe you, or should we keep looking? There's a reward in it from the Markarth vaults for those worthy."'' (or) ''"Want to prove yourself to Ard Caddach? Put your skills toward the good of the Reach. There's a reward in it from the Markarth vaults if you're interested."''
:''"Want to prove yourself to [[Online:Ard Caddach|Ard Caddach]]? Put your skills toward the good of [[Online:the Reach|the Reach]]. There's a reward in it from the Markarth vaults if you're interested."''
:'''Anything I can help with?''' (or) '''Can I do anything to help?'''
===Namira's Perversions===
:''"All you need to know is a clan's witch matron is attempting a ritual that could cause calamity across the Reach. And to insult us further, she's abducting innocent Reachfolk to sacrifice for it.<br>You should find her here. Please rescue those people."''
:'''I'll stop the ritual and rescue any captives I find.'''
You can ask further questions about the problem.
:''"Deal with this problem and you will be rewarded. The vaults of Markarth are full and we have gold to spare. The Stonehands pay their debts."''
:'''What does Namira have to do with this?'''
:''"The reports indicate her influence at work here. She is the Lady of Decay, the spirit of death and rebirth. <br>Most Reachfolk do not fear her. But if her power were to be twisted and abused …."''
:'''You think that's what's happening?'''
:''"Possibly. All I know is that when Namira's power is tampered with, the results can be catastrophic. No one should ever trifle with death and rebirth."''
:''"Thank you. It's rare to see trust in outsiders rewarded, but none can question your valor today.<br>Take this with our thanks. Straight from the Markarth vaults. You earned it."''
:''"You're back and not dead, so I assume you bring good news."''
:'''I stopped the ritual and closed the tears it created.'''
:''"At last, we can put this shameful episode behind us. With any luck, no one will ever try to perform such a dangerous ritual again.<br>Here's your reward."''