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:''"Ah, hello, adventurer! I have need of someone with your kind of mettle. It's dangerous work, but there is a reward if you're so inclined. What do you say?"''
:'''What do you need?'''
===Unhatched Menace===
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===Wild Talismans===
:''"Each of their captured warriors carried a talisman with them. They would be of no value to the Thornroot, but they hold significant value to the Wildblood. They'd like the talismans returned, if possible.<br>Think you can find a few of them?"''
:'''I'll look for the talismans and bring them back.'''
After agreeing to help, you can ask him questions:
:''"Not all Reach clans are bloodthirsty and obsessed with power, but those do exist. Watch yourself out there."''
:'''What do you know about these talismans?'''
:'''So their families want the talismans returned?'''
:''"Correct. I don't know what becomes of the spirits of Reachfolk who die away from their clan, but to the Wildblood, it seems those talismans are an important part of guiding their loved one's spirit home.<br>Bring them back, if you can find them."''
After you have collected the talismans:
:''"I hoped to see you again soon and here you are! I assume you completed your task successfully?"''
:'''I recovered the Wildblood talismans.'''