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|loc=Inside of [[Online:Briar Rock Ruins|Briar Rock Ruins]]
|faction={{FactionsFaction|Hillhunter Clan}}
'''Faorin''' is a [[Online:Reachman|Reachman]] chieftan of the [[Online:Hillhunter Clan|Hillhunter Clan]] who can be found trapped inside [[Online:Briar Rock Ruins|Briar Rock Ruins]].
*{{Quest Link|Betrayal at Briar Rock}}
==Quest-Related Events==
:''"I don't know who you are, but right now I welcome anyone who comes to kill Thornroots. I'm Faorin, chieftain of the Hillhunters. Have you come across my people, traveler? Have they left anyone else alive?"''
Medone sent me to rescue your people and stop the Briarheart rituals.
What's next for your people?
:''"That's for Medone to decide. You taught the Thornroots a hard lesson, but I learned one too. When my kin tell me I'm choosing the wrong path, I ought to listen.<br>I'd like to see where Medone leads us, given the chance."''
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