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'''Housecarl Thorulf''' is a [[ON:Nord|Nord]] and the bodyguard of [[ON:Thane Unnvald Ironhand|Unnvald Ironhand]], the thane of [[ON:Fullhelm Fort|Fullhelm Fort]]. In secret, he leads a small [[ON:Worm Cult|Worm Cult]] cell at the fort.
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Approaching Thunder}}
===Approaching Thunder===
After speaking with Thane Unnvald, Thorulf comes from the hallway and intervenes.
:'''Housecarl Thorulf''': ''"Your suspicions have merit, my Thane. Surely no harm could be done to Ysgramor's axe. I ... beg your leave to speak to this stranger myself. State your case, stranger."''
Once he is next to the Thane, you can speak with him.
The next time you see the Housecarl is after retrieving Bonebane, he can be seen talking to Hallfrida.
:'''Housecarl Thorulf''': ''"You have ... grown into a beauty, my child. But I see you have another visitor."''
===The Thunder Breaks===
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*{{Quest Link|Approaching Thunder}}
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