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'''Mace of Molag Bal Style''' is an [[ON:Artifact Styles|Artifact outfit style]] based on the {{Lore Link|Mace of Molag Bal}}, a smaller version of the weapon wielded by [[ON:Molag Bal|Molag Bal]]. This style page can be used to re-skin any equipped one handed melee weapon for {{ESO Price|1500}} using the [[ON:Outfit System|Outfit System]].
The style was included in the free {{Crown Link|Player Appreciation Bundle}}.
The [[Online:Artifacts#The Mace of Molag Bal|Mace used by Molag Bal himself]] has a different unobtainable model and is marked as being a two-handed maul. The [[ON:Tools of Domination Style|Tools of Domination Style]] is also styled after the Mace, but is unrelated to this style.
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