Lore:Black Marsh

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[[File:ON-place-Shadowfen.jpg|right|thumb|A view of the Shadowfen region in northern Black Marsh]]
Black Marsh has various regions such as [[Lore:Middle Argonia|Middle Argonia]], [[Lore:Murkmire|Murkmire]], [[Lore:Shadowfen|Shadowfen]], [[Lore:Shadowfen|Shadowfen]], and the {{Lore Link|Ultherus Swamp}}.{{ref|name=SFOT|{{Cite Book|Special Flora of Tamriel}}}}
Black Marsh is located in the southeastern part of Tamriel, bordering Morrowind to the north and Cyrodiil to the west.{{ref|name=POT}} Most of the Argonians reside in the inland waterways and swamps of the southern interior. There are few roads, and the principal method of travel is by boat.{{ref|name=POT}} Novelist Waughin Jarth's description of the region in ''The Argonian Account'' confirms this characterization; the book concerns the trials and tribulations of Decumus Scotti, a moderately influential Imperial bureaucrat who finds himself in exotic locations at exciting times. Jarth attests that Decumus Scotti is a real person, though "Decumus Scotti" is just a convenient pseudonym.{{ref|name=TILTW|group=UOL|Xanathar. ''Interview With Three Writers''. The Imperial Library.}} Jarth's original novella, ''Dance In Fire'', found Scotti caught in the recurring conflict between the [[Lore:Khajiit|Khajiit]] of [[Lore:Elsweyr|Elsweyr]] and the [[Lore:Bosmer|Bosmer]] of [[Lore:Valenwood|Valenwood]], to which he responded with the characteristic quick thought of a management type and brought himself some authority within his organization. Jarth, though he has never "been anywhere in Black Marsh but Gideon", claims to have interviewed Imperial travelers to the province, and attests to having the descriptions right.{{ref|name=TILTW|group=UOL}} Scotti's next adventures may find him in Black Marsh.{{ref|name=ADIF|{{Cite Book|A Dance in Fire}} (email from [[General:Ted Peterson|Ted Peterson]] appended at [ The Imperial Library])''.}}
A [[Lore:Bestiary V#Voriplasm|Voriplasm]] is a pool of green slime that can strip creatures down to the bone "by the second syllable". The massive body of a [[Lore:Bestiary S#Swamp Leviathan|Swamp Leviathan]] was found twitching due to the hundreds of rats inside it.{{ref|name=TAA4}}
The alchemical ingredients [[Lore:Dragon's Tongue|Dragon's Tongue]] and the [[Lore:Somnalius Fern|Somnalius Fern]] are native to Black Marsh.{{ref|name=SFOT|{{Cite Book|Special Flora of Tamriel}}}} Dragon's Tongue is a fern-like herb lethal to the touch. It gains its name from the fire-red fronds that surround its golden efflorescence. The Somnalius Fern is light green and delicate, and crumbles at the touch. It has the effect of fatiguing the creature that inhales it. Both plants are also found in Cyrodiil; the Dragon's Tongue along the Golden Road separating Skingrad from the Imperial City, and the Somnalius Fern along the Eastern vale of the Nibenay basin and as far north as the Great Forest.