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In {{Year|2E 582}}, a Redguard treasure hunter {{Lore Link|Tharayya}} and her ex-husband {{Lore Link|Quintus Verres}} were working on competing studies of the Dwemer. When Tharayya discovered the lost ruins of Volenfell, Quintus poisoned her and stole her journals in order to get to the ruins first. Tharayya survived, gathered an army of mercenaries and followed Quintus; however, her group was ambushed by Quintus' own mercenaries in Volenfell. Soon afterwards, a group of {{Lore Link|Undaunted}} adventurers entered the ruins. Tharayya offered them a reward for helping her defeat Quintus, recover her research notes and find an ancient Dwemer artifact called {{Lore Link|Guardian's Eye}}. The adventurers defeated Quintus' army and recovered the notes, but they failed to get the Guardian's Eye, which disappeared when Tharayya tried to release it.{{ref|name=ON}} The same year, the {{Lore Link|Empire of Cyrodiil (Interregnum)}} and the {{Lore Link|Imperial Legion}} launched an invasion of {{Lore Link|Daggerfall Covenant}} lands, led by Magus-General {{Lore Link|Septima Tharn}}. The Second Cohort of the {{Lore Link|Seventh Legion}} was ordered to march on Volenfell in order to locate an "item of significance" to the Legion.{{ref|{{Cite Book|ns_base=ON|Second Cohort Orders}}}} This was likely the Guardian's Eye, although the orders were replaced with forgeries before the Cohort had even reached the Alik'r.{{ref|{{Cite Book|ns_base=ON|Forged Second Cohort Orders}}}}
The mystery of the Eye or its relationship to the undead that overran Volenfell was never solved. No one was willing to head back into that mess, meaning any clues Tharayya's team left behind were beyond reach.{{Ref|name=ESOTharayya |[[ON:Tharayya|Tharayya]]'s dialogue in [[ON:Blood and Sand|ESO]]}}