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|appears=[[Online:Javad Tharn|ESO]]
|death=2nd2E Era582
|deathLoc=Den of Lorkhaj
|image=ON-npc-Javad Tharn.jpg
Eventually, in 2E 582, Javad Tharn was one of the leading figures in the campaign to capture the region of Reaper's March, a borderland between {{Lore Link|Elsweyr}} and {{Lore Link|Valenwood}}. Tharn had utilized dark magic to corrupt the Mane, Akkhuz-ri. Javad had enlisted the help of the {{Lore Link|Stonefire Cult}}, a cult dedicated to {{Lore Link|Molag Bal}}. Initially, the invasion over Reaper's March was meant for its annexation, but Javad Tharn had an ulterior motive that related to the downfall of Elsweyr and the [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion#First Dominion|First Aldmeri Dominion]].{{Ref|{{Cite Book|Yours for the Taking!}}}} Javad had assumed control of the Stonefire Cult, and had ordered for the construction of a {{Lore Link|Dark Anchor}} in the Temple District of {{Lore Link|Arenthia}}, during the Colovian Occupation.{{Ref|[[Online:Stonefire Machinations|Stonefire Machinations]] quest in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} However, his plans were foiled by the Arenthian Resistance, and an {{Lore Link|Soulless One|Agent}} of the Dominion. The Dark Mane had been subdued. Javad's cult had wreaked havoc across Reaper's March, and the Dark Mane was ultimately sealed in the temple of {{Lore Link|Moonmont}}, by one of the Lunar Champions. The sister that was forced to vessel the Dark Mane was kept in Moonmont and later used by Javad in his final battle.{{Ref|[[Online:Motes in the Moonlight|Motes in the Moonlight]] quest in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}
Javad Tharn and the Stonefire Cult had launched an attack on the city of {{Lore Link|Dune}}. He took refuge inside the {{Lore Link|Temple of Two-Moons Dance}} as the Moon Hallowed, and the chosen Lunar Champion attempted to stabilize the conflict in Dune.{{Ref|[[Online:The Fires of Dune|The Fires of Dune]] quest in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} As part of the Lunar Champion's final step, the two must walk the {{Lore Link|Two Moons Path}}, where they would face Javad Tharn, and the Lunar Champion becomes the Mane. The two witnessed a possible future which would result in the fall of the Aldmeri Dominion, should they fail in their quest.{{Ref|[[Online:The Moonlit Path|The Moonlit Path]] quest in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} However, they were able to persevere and encounter both Javad, and the Dark Mane at the Den of {{Lore Link|Lorkhaj}}. In the end, the Mane, and the Moon Hallowed had prevailed, and the battle against Javad Tharn was over, with the noble's death in the process.{{Ref|[[Online:The Den of Lorkhaj|The Den of Lorkhaj]] quest in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}} Javad Tharn's soul would be cast into the fortress of Heart's Grief, in the planes of {{Lore Link|Coldharbour}}, imprisoned with other figures like him at the time, alongside Mannimarco.{{Ref|[[Online:God of Schemes|God of Schemes]] quest in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} His mother considered the Vestige a monster for killing her son over trying to destroy Reaper's March and dreamed of torturing them for a dozen years, but after meeting the Vestige she considered them not to be worth the effort.{{Ref|name=ESOEuraxia|[[Online:Euraxia Tharn|Euraxia Tharn]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}