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*{{Quest Link|The Ravenwatch Inquiry}}
*{{Quest Link|The Gray Council}}
*'''Markarth Storyline'''{{ESO DLC|Markarth}} — {{huh}}
**{{Quest Link|The Despot of Markarth}}
**{{Quest Link|Blood of the Reach}}
**{{Quest Link|The Study of Souls}}
**{{Quest Link|The Awakening Darkness}}
**{{Quest Link|The Dark Heart}}
**{{Quest Link|A Feast of Souls}}
*'''Epilogue'''{{ESO GM}}{{ESO DLC|Markarth}} — The final arc surrounding {{huh}} and concluding the Season of the Dragon ''(requires completion of {{huh}} storylines)''
*'''Markarth Storyline'''{{ESO DLC|Markarth}}
**{{Quest Link|Kingdom of Ash}}
**{{Quest Link|End of Etenity}}
**{{Quest Link|Second Chances}}