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|date=September 20, 2020
|image=[[File:ON-prerelease-Despot of Markarth.jpg|right|200px]]
|news=The ''[[Online:Online|Elder Scrolls Online]]'' team held a stream to discuss ''[[Online:DLC#Markarth|Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth]]'', and with it the conclusion to the [[Online:Dark Heart of Skyrim|Dark Heart of Skyrim]] storyline. As suspected, [[Lore:Markarth|Markarth]] and [[LoreOnline:The Reach|The Reach]] will serve as the primary setting for the expansion, alongside another previously [[ON:Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern|unexplored segment]] of [[Lore:Blackreach|Blackreach]]. The DLC will feature you forming a tenuous alliance with the [[Lore:Reachmen|Reachmen]] clans of the area, such as those led by the [[Lore:Despot of Markarth|Despot of Markarth]], against the [[Lore:Gray Host|Gray Host]] and the plans of [[Lore:Rada al-Saran|Rada al-Saran]]. The developers also teased that a major secret about [[Online:Verandis Ravenwatch|Verandis Ravenwatch]] would be revealed.
Another major feature of the DLC was the new Arena, [[ON:Vateshran Hollows|Vateshran Hollows]]. The Arena will feature three areas:
*The Wounding - [[Lore:Molag Bal|Molag Bal]]
*Hunter's Grotto - [[Lore:Hircine|Hircine]]