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{{Anchor|Dagon}}, the Demon Cat
===={{Anchor|Dagon}}, the Demon Cat====
'''Dagon'''{{ref|name=TAS|{{Cite Book|The Adversarial Spirits}}}} (or '''Daegon'''){{ref|name=ONMara'dahni|[[Online:Mara'dahni|Mara'dahni]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} '''the Demon Cat''', also known as '''Merrunz'''{{ref|name=TAS}} '''the Fire-Cat'''{{ref|name=ONNisuzi|[[Online:Nisuzi|Nisuzi]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} (or '''Mehrunnez'''){{Ref|name=ESOGroupEvent|[[Online:Champion of Mehrunnez|Champion of Mehrunnez]] group event in [[Online:Elsweyr|ESO: Elsweyr]]}} is the [[Lore:Khajiit|Khajiit]]i version of [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|Mehrunes Dagon]]. A child of [[Lore:Fadomai|Fadomai]]'s Second Litter, Merrunz became "destructive and wild", and was exiled by his father, [[Lore:Ahnurr|Ahnurr]]. Rather than the Many Paths, he chose to explore the Great Darkness, and there was captured by [[Lore:Molagh|Molagh]] and tortured until the [[Lore:Dawn Era#Convention|creation of the World]]. It is said he was eventually freed by Molagh's wife, and used to assault the [[Lore:Lunar Lattice|Lunar Lattice]]. As a result, Merrunz happily became a kinslayer, and as a result is now known as the demon Dagon.{{ref|name=TAS}}
===={{Anchor|Dagoth Ur}}, Father of the Mountain====