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[[Image:BGS logo.jpg|right|thumb|Bethesda Game Studios logo]]
'''Bethesda''' is the shorthand name for the developers and publishers of [[General:Elder Scrolls|The Elder Scrolls]] series of games. Bethesda is actually two companies: '''Bethesda Softworks LLC''', the original company name which now only handles publishing, and '''Bethesda Game Studios''', a subdivision created to handle development as the company expanded. Bethesda Softworks are one of many subsidiaries of [[General:ZeniMax Media|ZeniMax Media Incorporated]], who own the rights associated with the franchise and all the other franchises and games published under Bethesda Softworks name. [[wikipedia:Microsoft|Microsoft Corporation]] announced a takeover of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda on September 21, 2020.
Bethesda Softworks were responsible for the development and publishing of ''[[Arena:Arena|TES: Arena]]'', ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|TESII: Daggerfall]]'', and the spinoffs ''[[Battlespire:Battlespire|Battlespire]]'' and ''[[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]''. Since the split in 2001 Bethesda Game Studios have been responsible for most Elder Scrolls games, while Bethesda Softworks have handled most of the publishing work (see [[#Bethesda Games|below]] for details). Due to this setup the logos of each of the companies may be displayed as a game loads.