General:Elsweyr & Update 22 AUA

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I absolutely loved the Main Quest for Elsweyr, and I truly believed the writing team outdid themselves this time, but the climax of the story has left me intrigued and so I'd like to ask about it.
<span class=spoiler>Is the ending of the Main Quest, with the portal to the Plane of Jode and the Khajiit living there amidst temples and constructions anyway inspired by out-of-game ideas about "Moon Colonies"?</span>
Thank you!
'''CE-Nex''': First off, I just have to say that Elsweyr is gorgeous and I really appreciate the amazing job you guys did! I really didn't think you'd be able to match the stunning aesthetics of Summerset, but you did that and more. Totally blew my mind! Thoroughly enjoying the game. That being said, I'm a lore head so my questions are for Mr.Tuttle, ''sorry everyone else''.
1)<span class=spoiler> Moon Bishop Sizena describes a vision of a man with two heads climbing the stars to hold the moons in darkness. Is this foreshadowing of the eventual rise and apotheosis of Tiber Septim, who Vivec describes as the Twin-Headed Ruling King?</span>
2) According to the book, ''Where Were You When the Dragon Broke?'', the Amulet of Kings is said to house an oversoul of emperors from the past dynasties that the Elder Council consults every now and then. Is this true? And if it is, does Abnur Tharn know how to speak with the past Dragonborn?