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''On June 3, 2019, the following [ Ask Us Anything] took place at the r/elderscrollsonline subreddit. This page collects all threads with responses from a ZOS team member in chronological order, cutting each thread off at the last reply by one of them.''
Posted by '''u/ZOS_GinaBruno'''
:#Different furstocks can and do engage in romantic pairings, though some are more physically challenging than others.
:#As far as I'm aware, we don't have any plans to "backfill" previously released content with the various furstocks.
'''tennomorph''': When Elsweyr is released, will Summerset be available to buy with crowns, and if so how much? Thanks
:'''ZOS_RichLambert''': Yep, Summerset will be DLC and will be purchasable for crowns. (3500, just like Morrowind)
'''NerubianAssassin (edited)''': Hi Matt! Firstly, congratulations on the new Chapter, I had a blast playing it!
:EDIT: to respond to your edit. Yes, we've talked about this, in fact we tried to get that into the game as part of One Tamriel, but we just couldn't get it done. So we have ideas on how to have difficulty settings for overland content, but it's not currently planned. It's a great idea.
'''IllusiveManJr''': Congratulations on the launch of Elsweyr! I'm greatly enjoying the expansion so far.
'''LucasLindburger''': Hello, thank you for doing this AUA. I recently started playing ESO again and have been having so much fun with everything that’s been added. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and time! My question is: Where would you like to see the game go from here (Elsweyr)?
:'''ZOS_MattF''': We have a roadmap that goes out for a long time, so we obviously know where we're going next year, and I'm not going to spoil that - but I will call out what an awesome privilege it is to work on the Elder Scrolls, which is the perfect IP to do games like this. There is no end of amazing stories to tell and lands to explore.
'''LukosCreyden''': What classes do you main? Do you ever play together?
:...and yes we play quite a bit together. :)
:'''ZOS_MattF''': I have taken all classes to at least 50 on various servers, but my current mains are a Stamblade and a Stamplar. My nightblade is the same character I've played since launch, although I've respecced her more than a few times. I'm currently working on starting a Necromancer on a live server.
'''snailsfart''': Hi everyone,
:'''ZOS_LeamonTuttle''': As far as the music is concerned, that's a question for our lead composer, Brad Derrick. He's been cranking out an amazing soundtrack since well before GoT, though. :) (I love the Elsweyr music too.)
'''[deleted]''': Casual gamer here, Never played ESO before. With all of the expansions, especially this new one. it seems like a little late to jump on. As someone who would only play a few times a week, why should I get ESO when it seems so daunting?
:'''ZOS_BrianWheeler''': ESO is very easy to get into and rewards you for anytime you spend in it whether it's questing, crafting, exploring, pve or pvp. Your character will always advance in some form or another whether it's combat or crafting oriented! There's always something to do!
:We're constantly evolving and learning, you can expect new encounters to do the same.
'''[deleted] (edited)''': Hi,
Why is Sotha Sil the best character?