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! Description
| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|DAEDRIC.ZIP}}| 43 KB| Truetype Daedric alphabet font for Windows. To install, just unzip and copy the Daedric.TTF file into the WINDOWS\FONTS directory.|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/batpat15.exe|BATPAT15.EXE}}| 1161 KB| Latest Patch v1.5. Copy to your BATTLESPIRE directory and execute Read what this latest patch fixes - BATPAT15.TXT|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|BATEDIT.ZIP}}| 76 KB| Edit your attributes and skills with this easy to use editor. Simple user interface in 80x50 text mode. Easiest to install somewhere in the Battlespire directory. ''Does not work on Windows XP.''|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|SPIREDIT.ZIP}}| 122 KB| Simple and untested editor for modifying your character.|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|BATTLE.ZIP}}| 30 KB| Another basic editor for the game. ''Does not work on Windows XP.''|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|BSPIRE-GH.ZIP}}| 1 KB| [ Gamehack] data table for editing save games. ''GameHack does not run on Windows XP.''|-| {{Old Link|file.shtml?battle/files/|BATRAW.ZIP}}| 93 KB| Convert RAW screenshots (CTRL-P) into PCXs with this utility as well as display them to screen. Contains a simple command line program as well as an easy to use user interface program.|-| [[:File:AmbarysImproved|AmbarysImproved]]| 28.3 KB290 B| Lvl 1 Breton with max stats, spell absorption, and nearly full set of equipment.|-| [[Battlespire:README.TXT|README.TXT]]| N/A| ''Battlespire'''s README document, presented in wiki format.|-| [[|]]| 2781 KB| Fix simple keybind mod for "Capture the Flag 2" [[Battlespire:Multiplayer|multiplayer]] map crashing Shadowkey Emulator to make the gamecontrols more familar to Skyrim, or Arena.
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