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A Tale Forever Told: added dialogue,
:'''I will.'''
:With those words she vanishes.
===The Ties that Bind===
Activate the Bone Amulet and you'll hear:
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"Of course, Ulthorn! It's a beautiful first kill!"''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"Then you'll …."''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"How could I not? But … the spinners have summoned me. I must go to Silvenar."''
Activate the Hunting Bow and you'll hear:
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"The Green Lady? But that's impossible!"''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"If the spinners say I am, then I must be. We … we weren't meant to be."''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"No! You must refuse. Gwaering, we will not be torn apart like this!"''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"Ulthorn, please. My part in this story is … over."''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"Then the story is wrong!"''
Activate the Totem of Hircine and you'll hear:
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"You shouldn't have come, Ulthorn."''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"They fear him, Gwaering! With Hircine's aid, we could …."''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"The Daedric Prince? I won't hear any more. If you think I'd turn against my people, you're mad."''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"I don't care what it takes. Gwaering, I won't let this die. I'll do anything for you!"''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"Anything? Then stop! My duty is to my people. I will protect them from any threat. Even you!"''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"Gwaering …."''
:'''Gwaering:''' ''"Take back the amulet, Ulthorn. Take it, and remember what we once were."''
:'''Ulthorn:''' ''"This isn't over. This is not the end!"''
===The First Step===