Books:Pocket Guide to the Empire: 3rd Edition

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==Behind the Scenes==
*[[General:Michael Kirkbride|Michael Kirkbride]] was originally contracted to create a new Pocket Guide for the then-upcoming Oblivion release, as he had done with previously for [[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]. In his own words, Kirkbride stated he only wrote about 18 or so lines for the guide; lore such as the Sun Birds of Alinor and the Imperial Mananauts was originally conceived of (and if not fully than partially written) by him.<ref>[[General: Made Up Word Round Up|Made Up Word Round Up]]</ref> Evidently, it seems Kirkbride had a conflicting vision for the guide and ended up not finishing it himself due to creative differences with the studio. Ted Peterson was then contracted to pen the remaining work on the guide, and he accepted, not having a problem with the directives and dictates for the guide as requested by the studio.
*Ted Peterson drew on many ideas settled on during lore discussions and role-playing sessions from the (now defunct) Elder Scrolls forums to create the guide. A partial archive of these threads exists here: on [| Loranna's RP site].