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The Drublog of Dra'bul: added dialogue,
::''"Too many, if you want to know the truth! Still, it's important for the Bosmer to see the Silvenar and Green Lady married. It keeps us stable.<br>I'm proud of my heritage, and have renounced my worldly obligations in order to become the Green Lady."''
Arrive in Dra'bul and you'll find her waiting outside the Orc encampment. If you completed ''[[Online:The Hound's Men|The Hound's Men]]'', she'll greet you with:
:''"Seems I've a lot to thank you for. I didn't expect you to go off and save my [[Online:Lanwaen|sister]] while I was away.<br>Glad you made it here in one piece."''
If not, she'll merely say:
:''"Good to see you made it here in one piece."''
:'''Have you spoken to the Drublog yet?'''