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If you elect to purchase a [[Daggerfall:General Stores|horse]] (1000 gold), you will be able to ride it in any outdoor environment. You may mount your horse by pressing the "T" key to open the Transport Mode menu and then selecting the Horse option from those listed. To dismount, you must return to the Transport Mode menu and select the Foot option. While on horseback, you will move at a rate slightly higher than the maximum running speed, and will not suffer the normal fatigue brought on by running. In addition, horses will never become fatigued, and thus may be ridden indefinitely.
If you do not have enough money to purchase a horse, you can instead elect to buy a [[Daggerfall:General Stores|cart]]. Carts are significantly cheaper than horses (150 gold versus 1000), are pulled by a horse (which is not detachable from the cart), and can be ridden just like a horse (by selecting Cart in the Transport Mode menu). In addition, carts can be used to store a massive amount of items, freeing up your inventory and reducing encumbrance. However, carts are somewhat slower than horses and can't jump. (though still far faster than normal walking speeds).
Details on loopholes relating to horseback/cart riding can be found [[#Indoor Horse/Cart Riding|below]].
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