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*{{Quest Link|An Ill-Fated Venture}}
==Quest-Related Events==
As you arrive in Sentinel with news for Nahrina, you'll find Yombira accosting the poor woman:
:'''Yombira:''' ''"I grow tired of excuses, Nahrina. When will Tavo return?"''
Speak to him and he'll spit:
:''"What do you want?"''
:'''Why are you harassing this woman?'''
:''"Splendid! Then this won't be a total loss. Hand them over and I'll consider Tavo's debt paid in full."''
::'''Here. Take the relics and leave her alone.'''
:::As he walks away he remarks:
:::'''Yombira:''' ''"Pleasure doing business with you, friend. Sorry for your loss, Nahrina."''
::'''[[ON:Intimidating Presence|[Intimidate]]] This woman has already lost enough, today. Go away. Now.
:::''"Easy now, friend. No need for violence!''