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In the fable "Sotha Sil and the Scribs" from the ''[[Lore:Homilies of Blessed Almalexia|Homilies of Blessed Almalexia]]'', a young Sotha Sil was playing in a [[Lore:Kwama|Kwama]] egg mine as a child, and seeing a number of scribs in a deep shaft, he began to cast stones upon them for amusement, snickering as they skittered and scattered. One scrib lifted its head up and begged Sotha Sil to stop, telling him "Please, please, have mercy, little boy, for what is sport to you is suffering and death to us." when they were hit by the stones. This taught the young boy that what are idle amusements of one can be solemn tortures for another.{{ref|name=THoBA|{{Cite Book|Homilies of Blessed Almalexia}}}} Another homily titled "Sotha Sil and the Stars" tells of young Sotha laying down and gazing at the [[Lore:Magna Ge|stars]] at night. In his passion for maths, Sil decided to count every star and give each of them a name for hours on end, eventually falling asleep. When he awoke, he saw that the stars had vanished, and began to weep, learning the lesson that time cages all tasks.{{ref|name=BAFfE|{{Cite Book|Blessed Almalexia's Fables for Evening}}}}
With unknown motives, the Daedric Prince [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|Mehrunes Dagon]] arrived in Ald Sotha during Sotha Sil's youth and destroyed it, killing everyone in it including Sil's family.{{ref|name=FSV}}{{ref|name=TSiS:V8|{{Cite Book|The Truth in Sequence: Volume 8}}}} It occurred at some point after himhe and his sister travelingtraveled to the forbidden area near the town, and took place upon a rainy morning,. with hisHis family wakingwoke up to find their homes and tapestries already burning, screamingand screamed in agony in their final moments.{{ref|name=ESOAmbient}} Sotha Sil was the sole survivor of the attack, having been saved by [[Lore:Vivec|Vivec]].{{ref|name=Saryoni}}{{ref|name=ABHoAS}} House Sotha was wiped out save for Sotha Sil, and he continued to use their name.
===Friendship with Nerevar and Advisor of the First Council===
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