Lore:Tamrilean Tractates

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==Known Entrees==
*Transcribes a firsthand account of the discovery of Bretons. Given to Khosey from a {{Lore Link|Nord}}ic hunting party.{{Ref|name=PGE1E}}
*The line, ''"dense-jungl'd shore of Rumare"'' is a reference to when Cyrodiil was a jungle, or at least around {{Lore Link|Lake Rumare}}.{{Ref|name=SCAS|{{Cite Book|Subtropical Cyrodiil: A Speculation}}}}
*Mentions a {{Lore Link|Nede|Nedic}} slave overseer of {{Lore Link|Fanacas}} named ''"{{Lore Link|Tharanus Ye-Redde Hand}}."'' He was later revealed to be a distant relative of {{Lore Link|Tharn|House Tharn}}, a noble family of {{Lore Link|Cheydinhal}}.{{Ref|name=HToN}}
*While the {{Lore Link|Divines|Church of the Eight}} claim that Alessia revealed to her subject the gods that had always watched over them, ancient records like the Tamrilean Tractates state otherwise.{{Ref|name=TAX|{{Cite Book|Tu'whacca, Arkay, Xarxes}}}}
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