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Origin: similarity with Khajiit Origin Story noted
[[File:ON-place-Heart of Valenwood.jpg|thumb|right|The Heart of Valenwood]]
The earliest days of the Bosmer are lost in legend. Some speak of the [[Lore:Ooze|Ooze]], the shape-shifting formlessness from which they came before the Green Pact with Y'ffre.{{ref|name=TOAF|{{Cite Book|The Ooze: A Fable}}}} More obscure legends also suggest that not all Bosmer agreed to the Green Pact, and others wished to keep their shape-shifting abilities. According to legend, Y'ffre turned the Ooze into a kind of purgatory state for these individuals, where they would be stricken from Y'ffre's story upon death and unable to interact with any world or afterlife. Eventually, these dissenters were overcome by the other Bosmer faithful to Y'ffre. These "Oathbreakers" were then buried in [[Lore:Ouze|Ouze]] so that they could be imprisoned and protected until the time of renewal.{{ref|name=OOO|{{Cite Book|Oathbreakers of Ouze}}}} There's some suggestion that early Bosmer were known for intermarrying with humans.{{ref|name=TM|{{Cite Book|The Monomyth}}}}
The Khajiiti Origin story shares similarities, talking about shapeless beings which where given shape by Y'ffer. (The Khajiiti spelling of Y'ffre) The Khajiiti origin story tells of [[Lore:Azurah|Azurah]] taking some of [[Lore:Nirni|Nirni]]'s shapeless children and turning them into Khajiit, and Y'ffer learning of this and telling Nirni of what Azurah had done. Seeking retribution for her changed and now lost children, Nirni made the land the Khajiit inhospitable. To separate her beloved children from those of Azurah, she allowed Y'ffer to change those who remained so that they would always be of the mer, and never beasts, and named them Bosmer.{{ref|name=WOCMA|{{Cite Book|Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi}}}}
Another legend is that the Bosmer grew the [[Lore:The_Towers#Green-Sap|Tower of Green-Sap]], a great [[Lore:Graht-oak|Graht-oak]] which, in those ancient times, appeared in many different forms. Each one told its own stories of the Green, the forest home of the "Boiche-become-Bosmer".{{ref|name=AU4TET|{{Cite Book|Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree}}}} However, due to the machinations of the Ayleid sorcerer [[Lore:Anumaril|Anumaril]] around the time of the [[Lore:Alessian Slave Rebellion|Alessian Slave Rebellion]] circa {{Year|1E 243}}, the "Doors Equivocal" which were created by the nature of Green-Sap were closed, and Green-Sap was reduced to a single, definite form: the {{Future Link|Elden Tree}} of [[Lore:Elden Root|Elden Root]].{{ref|name=AU4TET}}