Lore:Knahaten Flu

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wording, formatting, ref. He also claims to have served in the Dominion for three years, despite it only existing for two by 2E 582.
Those most affected by the Knahaten Flu were the human population of Black Marsh. Most notable among them were the native silver-skinned [[Lore:Kothringi|Kothringi]], whose settlements of {{Lore Link|Stillrise Village}} and [[Lore:Zuuk (place)|Zuuk]] were already lifeless by {{Year|2E 561}}.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Knahaten Flu Confirmed|ns_base=Online}}}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Drillk's Journal}}}} The Kothringi are thought to have been completely exterminated by it.{{ref|name=PGE1-TWG}}{{ref|name=PGE3-A}}{{intnote|Kothringi|[nb 1]}}
One of the most famous stories from those troubled times is that of the Crimson Ship. Filled with Kothringi refugees, it left the shores of Black Marsh on the 9th of First Seed, {{Year|2E 563}}, only to be turned back at every port. After a year on the sea, they reached Hammerfell, and with no one to shelter them, they sailed west{{ref|name=TDC}} to the [[Lore:Abecean Sea|Abecean Sea]]. The book, {{Cite Book|Pirates of the Abecean}} tells a tale of the discovery of the ship, found adrift by a group of pirates, its entire crew dead.{{ref|name=|{{Cite Book|Pirates of the Abecean}}}} The tale appears to be fictional, as no official records exist that confirm the discovery of the ship. [[Online:KuralitIn {{Year|A2E 582}}, a Khajiit beggar]] claimsclaimed to have been on a ship that encountered the vessel during his service in the {{Lore Link|Imperial Legion|Imperial army}}, blaming the event for his misfortunes. However, the reliability of his testimony is questionable.{{ref|name=Kuralit|[[ON:Kuralit|Kuralit]]'s dialogue in [[ON:Online|ESO]]}}
To memorialize this event, the people of Hammerfell honor the 20th of Rain's Hand as the [[Lore:Day of Shame|Day of Shame]]. Nobody leaves their house, for it is told that the Crimson Ship will return on this day.{{ref|name=HiD|[[Daggerfall:Holidays|Holidays in Daggerfall]]}}