Lore:Rada al-Saran

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Master Fadalia makes no mention of Rada al-Saran. Rahama does.
|appears=[[Online:Rada al-Saran|ESO]]
{{Lore Link|Rada al-Saran}} was a great warrior who claimed to match the gods in the way of the sword.{{ref|name=ONRahama|[[Online:Rahama|Rahama]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} According to legend, the school of [[Lore:Leki's Blade|Leki's Blade]] was founded on the very place of one of [[Lore:Leki|Leki]]'s miracles during the times of the [[Lore:Ansei|Ansei]]. Leki was known for teaching new ways of wielding the blade. This attracted a great warrior called Rada al-Saran to the oasis. A proud man, he claimed to match the gods in the way of the sword. Some say that Leki herself drew him to the school to challenge and humble him. When he arrived, he found Leki had taken the shape of a {{Lore Link|Anka Ra|warrior of sand}}, wielding a blade of the hardest rock. Rada al-Saran bowed to his opponent, and when it bowed back, he knew he found an opponent worthy of his skill.{{ref|name=ONMF|[[Online:Master Fadalia|Master Fadalia]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]ONRahama}}
For three days and three nights they dueled with neither gaining the upper hand. Rada al-Saran was becoming tired from fighting, so in a last ditch attempt he struck the weak point of Leki's sword. The blade broke in two, and a great sandstorm split the horizon. When it cleared, Leki had erected a shrine from the sands and the surrounding oasis was said to have held the purest water in all [[Lore:Alik'r|Alik'r]].{{ref|name=ONMFONRahama}}<noinclude>
At some point after the founding of the school, Rada Al-Sara had left the group and somehow joined the [[Lore:Gray Host|Gray Host]], an army of werewolves and vampires led by King Styriche of Verkarth. Thanks to a deal Styriche made with Molag Bal for power, he and his army were sworn to serve him upon death. Following the defeat of the Gray Host at [[Lore:Bangkorai Garrison|Bangkorai Garrison]], many members of the army became trapped within Coldharbour, Styriche included.{{ref|name=MBStE|{{Cite Book|My Beloved Siblings, the Exarchs}}}}