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:::::The correct reading is "in every myth, the universe is birthed from a dualism." Then he points out that the dualism has many names in the different beliefs. In the Anuad and the Psijic myths, the duality that births the universe is named Anu-Padomay. In the Altmeri myth, the dualism that births the universe is called Anuiel-Sithis. Whatever the Anu is in Altmeri myth, it is not the same thing or role as the Anu of the Psijic or Anuad myths. There is no contradiction, only confusion due to a name being used for two different concepts. --[[User:Lost in Hyrule|Lost in Hyrule]] ([[User talk:Lost in Hyrule|talk]]) 15:01, 21 June 2020 (UTC)
:::An interesting reading but by no means the only reading. And that still doesn’t change the fact that a contradiction does still arise even if you think that. The book in the opening text outright conflates Anu and Anuiel along with Padomay And Sithis (again why were having this discussion) but then later puts Anu a peg above both Anuiel and Sithis in the later Altmeri text. That your reasoning for this is that Anu in the Altmeri mythos is some higher being that isn’t actually the Anu the opening text is speaking to is fine. But it’s also just as fine that some of us have some alternative reasoning. Again either way you slice it you have to come up with some O.R. to state either theory. But with the clear lack of consensus either way, I think a merge isn’t justified just on the conflating them both side. And even if we do totally conflate them I don’t think a merge is in order for the same reasons we don’t merge say Alkosh and Auriel into one page. I think as it stands both the Sithis and Padomay page have a satisfactory compromise in that they list each other as alternative names/titles. At this point this is actually seemingly a greater ask on your and jacks end that all deity pages without a ton of individual information should all be consolidated and merged and tbh I think that belongs probably in community portal rather than this talk page. Unless there’s a specific want for Padomay and Sithis specifically. [[User:Dcking20|Dcking20]] June 21, 2020