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::: This is just compeltely ignoring the fact that Sithis is always tied to the exact same creation myths, and also ignoring that Fadomai DOES have active worshippers in Khajiiti religions. To try and split them into 'god' and 'creation myth' character just doesn't work when both names are used in both roles.
:::Finally, the biggest issue with keeping them separate is that if we choose to split the pages wholly, then the Padomay page just becomes completely redundant. I made this sandbox to show my main point for this, that if we remove all the the information that doesn't apply to Padomay themself, but a different version, this is the page we're left with:
:::(Also, you don't need to apologize, this desparately needed new life) [[User:Jacksol|Jacksol]] ([[User talk:Jacksol|talk]]) 03:59, 21 June 2020 (UTC)