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There is a unique history between the Altmer and the Goblins, some of which revolved around [[Lore:King's Haven Pass|King's Haven Pass]]. Scouts of the King of Alinor discovered the passage, claiming that it would make a perfect outpost, citing its natural defenses, the network of caverns, and the fertile land, but it was inhabited by the Coral-Splitter Tribe of Goblins, who lived off the wealth of the land as an agrarian society. Because of their hospitality, the High Elves were able to establish trade with the Coral-Splitters, bargaining for the ore in the caves. The Altmer had secured trade agreements with nearly every tribe in the region, trading fish, textiles and tools for the fruits of the goblins hunting and trapping skills, as these goblins were adept at capturing and taming [[Lore:Welwa|welwas]] and [[Lore:Gryphon|gryphons]].{{ref|{{Cite Book| King's Haven Trade Record}}}} As the situation grew for the better, the King of Alinor became wary about the dealings since theses goblins did not swear their undying loyalty to them, so he orchestrated an agreement with the Coral-Splitter's chieftain for the crags in the east, but it did not go through. What followed was a great battle between the elves and the goblins that ended their relationship forever.
===First Era===
In {{Year|1E 780}}, the first recorded warrior wave of the [[Lore:Ra Gada|Ra Gada]] occurred, where [[Lore:Frandar Hunding|Frandar Hunding]] arrived in Hammerfell and discovered vast numbers of giant goblin strongholds littering the entirety of Hammerfell. Frandar refused to allow these goblins to exist and so went to war with the giant goblins of the Flint-Tooth tribe, however, Frandar was killed during one of the bloodiest battles of the campaign. His son [[Lore:Divad Hunding|Divad Hunding]] took command and forged five mighty [[Lore:Shehai|Shehai]] which allowed him to drive out the giant goblins from Hammerfell.{{ref|[[Online:Throne Keeper Farvad|Throne Keeper Farvad]]'s dialogue in ESO}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Shrine to Divad Hunding}}}}
In {{Year|1E 874}}, when Warlord Thulgeg's army of Orcs and Goblins was driven from Hammerfell by the Redguards, the Bretons of [[Lore:Bangkorai Pass|Bangkorai Garrison]] denied them passage through the Pass and forced them to flee northeast, trudging all the way through the Dragontail Mountains before they finally reached Orsinium. Not a single goblin made its way through the pickets into [[Lore:High Rock|High Rock]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock}}}}
===Second Era===
Goblins were not exempt from catching the [[Lore:Knahaten Flu|Knahaten Flu]] between {{Year|2E 560}} and {{Year|2E 603}}. The Flu caused the green skin of goblins to become yellow and have buboes blister around their mouths.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel/Elsweyr}}}}, and caused them to go into coughing fits, which meant that the shamans could not cast magic properly.{{ref|name=KC|{{Cite Book|Kyne's Challenge: A Hunter's Companion|ns_base=Books}}}}
===Third Era===
In {{Year|3E 427}}, goblins were imported by [[Lore:Helseth|Helseth]] from the Summerset Isles to the sewers of [[Lore:Mournhold|Mournhold]], where they were trained and kept as soldiers by two Altmer trainers. They had two war chiefs, Durgoc and Kurog. These goblins and their Altmer trainers were killed by the [[Lore:Nerevarine|Nerevarine]].{{ref|[[Tribunal:The Goblin Army|The Goblin Army]] quest in Tribunal}}
In {{Year|3E 433}}, the Rock Biter Goblins, and the Bloody Hand Goblins were engaged in a goblin war because the Rock Biter Goblins stole the tribal Totem Staff from the Bloody Hand Goblins. This was preventing the town of [[Lore:Cropsford|Cropsford]] from being built, the farmers who were building Cropsford asked the [[Lore:Champion of Cyrodiil|Champion of Cyrodiil]] to help them, it's not fully known how the hero dealt with the goblins, but the war was ended and Cropsford was fully finished.{{ref|[[Oblivion:Goblin Trouble|Goblin Trouble]] quest in Oblivion}} In this same year, the Sharp Tooth and White Skin tribes were engaged in a war due to the White Skin totem being stolen by the Sharp Tooth tribe. The White Skins' chief was a [[Lore:Breton|Breton]] named Goblin Jim.{{ref|[[Oblivion:Derelict Mine|Derelict Mine]] in Oblivion}}
===Fourth Era===
Circa {{Year|4E 180}}, the town of Rivercrest was at threat by three goblin tribes who were working together and with a bandit group known as the Greencaps, these tribes were the White Ghosts, the Red Fangs and the Iron Skulls. An Imperial envoy known as Gaius Platorius was in charge of dealing with this goblin threat on behalf of the Empire, and worked alongside the [[Lore:The Warrior|Warrior]] to destroy these alliances. The Warrior destroyed these alliances by performing false flag attacks on each tribe, planting each tribe's banners at the site of goblin massacres, and stealing a statue of the Blue God. This caused the alliance to collapse, but the female goblin shaman, known as Arruluk Snakemother, who had caused the alliance to occur was still alive, so Gaius ordered the Warrior to kill her, thus ending the threat of the goblins in the area and the potential of another goblin alliance from forming.{{ref|[[Blades:Gaius Platorius|Gaius Platorius]]'s dialogue in Blades}}