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As Mundus began to form, it became evident that many of the et'Ada would be required to sacrifice much of their power in order to form the mortal plane.{{Ref|name=BtAoM}} As their aspects began to die off, many of the et'Ada vanished completely.{{ref|name=TM}} Magnus decided to terminate the project.{{Ref|name=BtAoM}} He fled to {{Lore Link|Aetherius}} in the last of Mundus' birth-pains, and his departure tore a hole which became {{Lore Link|Nirn}}'s sun, itself known as Magnus.{{Ref|name=TM}}{{Ref|name=VoFitE}}{{Ref|name=BtAoM}}{{Ref|name=36LoV33|{{Cite Book|36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 33}}}}<noinclude>
The et'Ada who chose to stay became the {{Lore Link|Ehlnofey}}.{{Ref|name=TM}} Many other et'Ada, who became known as the {{Lore Link|Magna Ge}}, followed Magnus, tearing smaller holes in the sky, which became the stars.{{Ref|name=C|group=UOL|{{TIL|Cosmology|cosmology}}, The Imperial Library}}{{Refref|groupname=UOLEoMN|[ Vehk's{{Cite Book|Exegesis of Hours, concerning the Dragon Break].Merid-Nunda}}}} Though it is sometimes believed that the stars are actually fragments of Magnus himself.{{ref|name=TIC|{{Cite Book|The Infernal City}}}} After Magnus' departure, the et'Ada convened at the {{Lore Link|Adamantine Tower}} at an event known as Convention and decided to punish Lorkhan for his trickery.{{Ref|name=PGE3A|{{Cite Book|Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition/All the Eras of Man}}}}{{Ref|name=BtAoM}}{{Ref|name=NMI4|group=UOL|{{TIL|Nu-Mantia Intercept, Letter #4|numantia}}, The Imperial Library}}