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===The Battle of Cryngaine Field===
''"After the days of Tiber and the traitor Jagar Tharn, when the Septim dynasty has ruled the land of Tamriel for four hundred and five winter moons, then the White Moon, Camaron, King of Sentinel, will shine dark on his mortal enemy, King Lysandus, the Dragon of Daggerfall. Though the Dragon shall combat with the Moon, there will be no victory in Cryngaine Field. For it is written that dark sorcery, war, and forbidden acts shall bring terror to the ravenous courtroom of Daggerfall."''{{ref|[[DF:CES Cinematic|CES Cinematic]]}}
[[File:DF-prerelease-Army.gif|thumb|right|The Battle of Cryngaine Field]]
[[File:DF-npc-Skakmat (face).png|thumb|left|Skakmat]]